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Is China safe enough to travel?
Chinese government guarantees the safety of the foreign travellers and Chinesepeople are friendly. Generally speaking, there is no political riot, norterrorism. However, please pay close attention to your own property and takecare of yourself when hiking on high mountains to avoid unnecessary unhappinessduring your trip. We are not responsible for the theft or lost of anycustomer's valuables or items of personal property.

What suggestions do you have for the first-time visitors?
Mostvisitors to China prefer to take a tour arranged by travel agents, since it isthe simplest, most efficient and the most comfortable way of travelling.Independent travelling, though more flexible and easier to customize, isdifficult. Problems may arise due to cultural and language barriers for travellerswho attempt to arrange accommodations, meals, and transportations. Time costwill be high.

Invitation letter for visa application
Inorder to apply for a visa to China, you may need an invitation from a travelservice. BOCITS, we will supply this letter to you after you confirm the tourbooking.
Please E-mail us the basic information as your name, gender, date ofbirth, passport number as well as your fax number so that we can send you aformal invitation.

Chinese Money

The official currency in China is the Renminbi (RMB orCNY) or in Chinese "Ren-min-bi". The basic unit is the yuan (alsoknown as "kuai"), which equals 10 jiao (or "mao"), which isthen divided into 10 fen. Paper currency comes in 1.2,5,10,50 and 100 yuan notes.Paper jiao come in denominations of 1, 2, and 5. There are also 1 and 2 fennotes, but these are rarely used as they have no purchasing power. 1 yuan, 1and 5 jiao, and 1, 2, and 5 fen coins are also used but are more common inlarger cities.

Where could I make money exchange?
It'spossible to exchange traveller’s checks or cash at most banks, and hotelsalways have a money exchange counter. Cash advances are available on mostcommon credit / debit cards e.g. American Express / Visa / MasterCard, but thisfacility is available only from the main branch of the Bank of China in mostChinese cities. A fee of 3% - 4% will apply. The Bank of China has an ATMnetwork that will allow cash advances from major credit / debit cards and ATMcards. Check your credit card Provider for this information before leaving yourhome country. You are required to present your passport to change money / traveller’schecks etc. Hotels will usually only allow you to change money if you are theguest at the hotel.

Can credit card be used everywhere in China?
Majorcredit cards such as Master Card, Visa, JCB and American Express are acceptedin Major hotels and department stores. Check on the acceptance of your creditcard before you purchase. Credit cards cannot be used in most restaurants orsmall convenience stores. Air travel could be purchased with credit cards.Credit cards can be used to get a cash advance in the main offices of the Bankof China.

What is the electrical voltage in China?
Electricityin China is 220V, 50 cycles, AC. Two-pin sockets and some three-pin sockets arein use. Most of the hotels have a socket in the bathroom for both 110V and220V. Most hotels have built-in convectors in bathrooms for shaving, hairdryers, etc. please prepare voltage convector for your laptop or digital cameraand so on.

What time is the best time for travelling in China?
Chinahas many different kinds of climate for the large land area. In northeast area,four seasons are distinguished. Most of the rain is in summer. Winter andspring are very dry. In northwest of china, like Urumqi, an important city inSilk Road tour, winter is dry and cold and summer is dry and hot. The goldentime to visit these cities is spring and autumn. In the southern part of China,like Shanghai, summer is humid and long lasted from May to September. Inwinter, it's wet and chilly. The best time to visit is spring and autumn.

What about Chinese hotel basic information?
Allhotels we arranged for you in China are specialized in receiving foreignerclients. In big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the hotels at star levels arein same standard with that of international hotels, offering luggagetransferring, money exchanging, laundry and food service in fluent English.Generally speaking, breakfast is self-help buffet and some Chinese snacks,whose charge has already included in hotel fees.
We will try our best to arrange you in characteristic hotels. For example, thehotel itself is a historic attraction with local architecture style: quadranglehotel in Beijing and castle hotel along the Silk Road.
In Tibet and some small cities, the best hotel may be 3-star hotel withoutEnglish service or western food. There is only necessary wash room and hotwater. So please be kindly noted this when you choose to explore Tibet and SilkRoad.
It is a habit and policy to save energy in China. The central air conditionerwill be on only when the temperature is above 26°C. Maybe you will feel alittle bit hot. There is no such problem in hotels with independent airconditioners.
Beds are usually a little bit hard in China's hotels since the Chinese think itis good for health with hard bed.

Can you tell us something about Chinese guide service?
Allguides received university education. There is Criterion of English Tour GuidePresentation Exam in China every year. All guides from BOCITS are strictlyselect from the exam winners. They work with guide license. Guides withoutlicense will be punished heavily.
All guides we offer to you are professional and considerate and work withlicenses. There will be one guide accompany with you in a city trip from theairport or train station, while you will have a new guide in next city to pickyou up. Your guide serves only for you or your group during the trip. Exceptthe introduction work, the guide is also responsible for the arrangement job,including hotel confirmation, food confirmation and ticket booking and so on.If you have any special query such as vegetarian, or shopping, inform theguide. He or she will try best to adjust the schedule for your satisfaction.

What kind of transportation service we will have?
Usually,we choose airplane as traffic tool across cities or soft-sleepers by trainswhen airlines are not available. If your tickets are booked by the local travelagencies, they will be sent to you before your departure.
There is tour bus or car service within a city. In China, all the driver andcars receiving tourists are strictly required. Drivers have to receiveInternational Etiquette training and experienced in driving, while the carsshould be registered with licenses.
If you want to go somewhere beyond the itinerary, please negotiate with yourguide and the extra schedule will be surcharged.

What is Chinese food like?
Chinesefood doesn't cost much. In big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Xi' an,there are both Chinese and western restaurants which offer delicious food withsafety and English service guaranteed. It will be good idea going there toexperience local cuisine culture. Therefore, guides will give some suggestionand recommendation to satisfy your special request. And please be kindly notedthat the price difference is surcharged.
Breakfast is included in your hotel service. Most of the Chinese hotels above3-star supply you with Chinese & western buffet breakfast, while in somehotels in small city, only Chinese breakfast is available.

Are the facilities for disables consummate in China?
Thefacilities for disables vary from big city to small city. Usually in these bigcities there are disable facilities in the hotel, toilet, and scenic place. Wehighly suggest you choosing a private tour with a private guide and drivertaking care of you.

How can I make international call in China?
Ifyou want to dial international, your guide will help you buy an IP card, withwhich you can dial at much lower price. Of course you can dial from your hotelroom, but it's very expensive with extra service fee.

What if I am a vegetarian? Is it possible for me to have vegetarianthroughout my trip in China?

Vegetarianfood is very popular in China. Chinese people eat a lot of vegetables in dailymeal. There are many choices for vegetarians in China. We also have manyrestaurants specially offering vegetarian food exclusively. Please let us knowyou are a vegetarian, then we can arrange you with vegetarian food.

What is D train?
Thenew faster trains, called "D Train" have been launched since April 18th,2007. It is a new class of higher-speed trains, the Electric Multiple Unit(EMU) train sets. They can go up to 200km/h -- 250km/h. and the seats on thetrain can turn around 180 degrees. And the seats size is bigger. There is aspecial waiting room for D train in railway stations.

Do I have to tip in China? How much to tip?
Ifyou would like to tip a guide and driver for their outstanding service, ofcourse, it will be appreciated. While in most of the tourists' hotels, you areexpected to tip the bellboy who bring luggage to your room. Generally speaking,the tips are according to the luggage number, 1 or 2 dollars for 1 luggage.

What if I do not like the products and would like to exploresomething special?
Incase that you do not satisfy with our tours, and have your own ideas onholidays or travelling, you are highly welcome to let us know your personal proposalas more details as possible. And with your proposals, we will do our best todesign your own holiday or travelling plans.

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